Assyrian Tablets Contain Earliest Written Record of Aurora’s Sky Glow

A research team led by the University of Tsukuba combined observations from ancient cuneiform tablets that mention unusual red skies with radioisotope data to identify solar storms that likely occurred around to BCE, prior to any previously datable events. This work may help modern astronomers predict future solar flares or coronal mass ejections that can damage satellite and terrestrial electronic devices. Humans have been looking to the skies for as long as we have been around. Some of the observations made by ancient Assyrian and Babylonian astrologers more than two millennia ago survive in the form of cuneiform records. These rectangular clay tablets were messages from professional scholars to kings who had commissioned astronomical observations for the purpose of discerning omens — including comets, meteors, and planetary motions. Now, a team led by the University of Tsukuba has matched three of these ancient tablets that mention an unusual red glow in the sky with the carbon concentrations in tree rings and demonstrate how they are evidence of solar magnetic storms. These observations were made approximately 2, years ago in Babylon and the Assyrian city of Nineveh, both of which are mentioned contemporaneously in the Bible. For example, one tablet says, “red covers the sky,” while another mentions a “red cloud. While we usually think of aurorae as confined to northern latitudes, during periods of strong magnetic activity, as with a solar mass ejection, they may be observed much further south.

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“The Vassal-​Treaties of Esarhaddon and the Dating of Deuteronomy,” OTS 14 ().

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Archaeologists Discover They’ve Been Excavating Lost Assyrian City

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All rights reserved. Ancient reliefs rarely found outside of palaces depict a procession of Assyrian gods, including the main deity Assur and his consort Mullissu, standing on lions, dragons, and other animals. In the eighth century B. Now a team of Italian and Iraqi Kurdish archaeologists working in northern Iraq have uncovered ten stone reliefs that adorned a sophisticated canal system dug into bedrock.

The surprising find of such beautifully crafted carvings—typically found only in royal palaces—sheds light on the impressive public works supported by a leader better known for his military prowess. With one exception, no such panels have been found in their original location since


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The Met Fifth Ave opens August The Met Cloisters opens September Your health is our top priority. This relief, from the palace of the Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II r. The two larger-than-life-sized figures are carved in low relief, and as with other reliefs in the palace featuring the image of the king, the carving is particularly fine and shows special attention to detail.

The panel joins a second relief

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Assyrian Discoveries: an Account of Explorations and Discoveries on the site of Ninevah, during and Nature volume 11, pages–()Cite this.

Almost tombs have been found, shedding new light on cremation practice. The first studies, including radiocarbon dating, show its long-time use, from the beginning of the Iron Age to the 8th century bc. The cemetery proper is located on the northern outskirts of the tell. Its existence was revealed in September by the find chance of a complete jar containing human burnt bones. Between and , almost structures were excavated then studied in Aleppo Museum 1.

According to Stefania Mazzoni 7 , it is one of the most striking features introduced at the beginning of the Iron Age. The cremation did not actually appear at that moment 8 , but this was clearly the moment at which it was the most widespread.

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During the ritual, the bride and groom dip their little fingers in a bowl of henna. Their fingers are then connected and tied together by a piece of ribbon. Often, whoever holds the bowl of henna then does a traditional Assyrian dance.

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