Cell and Gene Therapy Matchmaking Event in Japan

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When it comes to event technology, the plethora of options can make the process of choosing technology overwhelming. Event business matching tools promote business matching or networking among attendees at an event. It is a tool to promote attendee engagement and satisfaction, making sure that attendees are getting the most out of their time there.

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Venue : Hall Update business trends Develop and expand business. To complement the opportunities and needs of SME both seminars knowledge. Business owners, startups, investors, and professionals are ready to provide full support. Smart SME Expo mobilizes public and private sectors Financial institutions and entrepreneurs from many different businesses to match business.

Create a new supplier network. And forward business opportunities. All businesses do not miss. Our event offers you the chance to do business in a booming and expanding market, meet the movers and shakers of the South East Asian pharma industry and keep up to date with trending news and topics. The exhibition hosts a wide range of networking opportunities to grow your business including dedicated Forums, Product Showcases, Technical Seminars and much more.

This is your must-attend Virtual Trade Exhibition Event.

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Read More. Jessica Kamps jkamps cicat. She brought together 56 people from the lighting chain, including manufacturers, architects, lighting designers, customers and researchers.

Zagreb Matchmaking Event is jointly organised by the partners of the EIT KU Leuven, a partner of EIT RawMaterials, is organising the 2nd “Bauxite Residue.

The utilization of Fe-rich semi-vitreous industrial residues as precursors for engineered fire-resistant and porous materials that can enter the European construction materials market will lead to products with lower environmental footprint and renders the metallurgical industries important raw materials suppliers that run integrated zero-waste processes. The modular and mobile unit that is used to produce products on-site of the residue producer, allows to reach out to the traditional construction industry and have them witness the transformation of residues to products in first person.

This allows them to make a fact-based judgment about the extent to which their existing installations can be used to make these products or which adaptations and investments may be necessary. After the project, the unit can be used to train their employees and have them acquire new skills. The matchmaking events set-up at each of the involved residue producers will showcase the innovation to the construction industry, but also to policy-makers and possible the wider public.

This will be a trigger to find regional partners for industrial symbiosis. Because the pilot unit is mobile, the approach can easily be applied to other companies and other regions. Like this, a domino effect can be initiated in which increasingly more residue producers in first instance copper slag and red mud, but later also other residue types will start to look for valorization opportunities to get more value out of their slag. Considering the size of the construction market, the relative share of secondary resources will remain relatively limited.

Therefore, and because the residues will be typically processed regionally, usual competitors may find a common ground to cooperate in the field of residue valorization and commercialization. The generated products need to deliver properties similar to or better than traditional market substitutes and will be evaluated in terms of properties i.

Next to realizing the target of TRL 7 by the completion of the project, the on-site production of final products at Metallo and Aughinish plants and the related matchmaking events will contribute to the level of customer readiness by demonstrating its feasibility to local construction companies and policymakers, thereby providing a nucleus for industrial symbiosis.

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Daniela Montalvo, from KU Leuven, presented their work for REGROUND H we would like to invite you to the matchmaking event at AquaConSoil.

Energy storage will be a key component of the sustainable energy system of tomorrow. As energy storage technology accelerates, a highly skilled workforce along the whole value chain needs to be developed and strengthened. With this event our goal is to match existing courses and trainings to the gaps identified by industry actors. During this matchmaking event we bring together key players in energy in order to identify and develop the missing skills needed for a highly qualified workforce in energy storage.

In this way, we aim at re-skilling and upskilling employees with the purpose of creating a broader talent pool. There has been a lot of talk of the energy transition but the ones solving the talent puzzle are at the vanguard. InnoEnergy offers a variety of courses and trainings in energy storage, but we are constantly looking for new ways of learning to develop the skills of the future. Bridging the skills gap: unlocking talent in energy storage Energy storage will be a key component of the sustainable energy system of tomorrow.

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We are going to do a private booth party in our Tokyo Venue, on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station here. The event is broadly the same as our standard events except for 2 key points: 1. Each woman has their own booth which they sit in, and men move between booths. This keeps each conversation a little more private and more personal.

a bit of matchmaking Saxa/Sibyl; Gannicus/Saxa; Saxa (Spartacus) Sibyl (​Spartacus) Nbf Platinum Tower Shirokane,; Minato-Ku; Tokyo ​, Jan 14, is a congenital anomaly/birth defect, or is an important medical event.

Having trouble looking for the perfect romantic partner? It is hoped that with the element of appearance removed, romantic hopefuls can get more easily to the heart of one another. So the organizers of this event have made it into a game where attendees must work together to solve a mystery, incorporating smells, sounds, and tactile sensations. Details on the challenge are kept under wraps, but the event is sponsored in part by the upcoming film Ankoku Joshi Dark Girls which follows the members of a book club.

So, we can expect a similar atmosphere and literary theme there. First, this event is only for those interested in a relationship, so anyone simply into blindfold games you know who you are should look elsewhere. Finally, male contestants must be between the ages of 23 and 28, whereas women must be between 20 and Why these oddly specific age ranges were chosen is beyond me but sadly it means my and-a-half-year-old buddy is SOL when it comes to Kurayami Kon.

But those for those who do qualify it could be an interesting day of introspection to see just how much stock you put into physical appearances. Granted appearance should be a factor when choosing the person you have to look at every day for the rest of you life. On the other hand, looks are also the one thing about a person that is guaranteed to diminish over time if not artificial to begin with. Just ask our own diamonds in the rough. RocketNews24 Japanese.

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There is more than different strategies that Grip uses to recommend people. This will soon also be available in our dashboard so you can see at any time how various strategies are performing. MatchmakingNetworking is an art. Lets say an exhibitor requests a meeting with a partular client Our matchmaking engine learns from this and will start recommending the exhibitor other similar clients to meet with.

SCIENCE usually hosts five themed and crossdisciplinary matchmaking events per year targeting students from different study programmes.

Invitation for matchmaking event. can participate as a guest or with a poster. To reply to this email, please write to [email protected] · Unsubscribe.

Klik’s purpose has always been to create a sense of togetherness among attendees at live events. In today’s reality, the concept of face-to-face interaction needs to be redesigned to keep people as safe as possible. While our smart wearables create memorable experiences and a safe environment for in-person attendees, our online platform helps live events become available to remote audiences. Get ready for the future of events with our solutions:.

We think so too. Klik is a truly complete event management platform comprised of smart wearables, a set of native features, an app, and an open API. We thrive on innovation and integration. And we pair well with others too. Our API and integration team works closely with other industry leaders like Ti. Gain a degree of insight into your event that was previously impossible.

Be it for the event organizer, exhibitor, or attendee, creating a better experience relies on a better platform adoption rate and reliable, relevant data sets for the event organizer.

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