Mercian Serial Numbers?

Lovely photo of the two brothers! The bike does not look all that big on you, were you able to stand over the top tube? I think it is a 56cm frame? I could stand over it just barely, sort of. Normally I ride a 52cm. Are the cable guides along the top tube original, or were they added during restoration?

Paul Smith and Mercian design tandem bike for Wallpaper* Handmade X

Vintage Mercian bike frame. I believe this is a mercian superlight that mercian bike – to be completed. A mercian bike for restoration, the bike was originally red and someone attempted a restoration with blue hammerite and mismatched parts.

He still has the workshop’s ledger and was able to date this frame to July Rotrax Cycles of Southampton was founded in , pipping Mercian Cycles.

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Crank bottom serial starts out B I’m in the process of restoring it. However in this case as it’s pre-war and you had the basic info needed Westfield, Columbia, Clipper the info was actually quite easy to track down. Columbia Manufacturing FAQ. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Westfield Columbia G519 Frame Numbers

I have bought a secondhand mercian frame to be the base for my new touring build. Getting 2 forks with it — one in silver with higher rake to avoid toe overlap esp when using mudguards. The individual tubing and components for the frame are then set aside or ordered-in by a frame-builder and boxed ready for the build date. When the frame is ready for building, the frame-builder begins by filing the lugs; with skill and patience the lugs are cut and filed with hand-tools to create the cut-outs and intricate designs which make Mercian frames distinctive and beautiful.

The Vincitore lugs are crafted from plain lugs with spearpoints welded to the plain lugs then drilled, cut out and filed by hand for many hours to create the intricate distinctive look that is unique to a Mercian Vincitore Special.

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Moderators: ededwards , Elev12k , Tel , Jamiedyer. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 28 guests. Frame ID help – Mercian Track? Posted: Wed Feb 15, pm. I have recently purchased what I have been told is a Sid Mottram track frame. The original owner has told me some details about the frame but I’m looking to try and confirm a few things. Specifically it’s age and if it is indeed a Mercian built frame.

So, I’ve been told that the original owner bought the frame in from Sid Mottram’s, in Leicester. It was originally owned by a chap called Steve Emberson who raced at the Safron Lane track. Googling the name hasn’t give me anything useful so far. The frame number, stamped on the BB shell, is Everything I’ve read about Mercian frame numbers says that either the first two or last two digits of a Mercian frame number are the year.

Westfield Frame Numbers 1933 – 1945

Photography: Daniel Stier. But then tandems do seem to invite adventures and accidents. I came off on the next corner and did pretty ghastly damage to my knee. It was an ambulance job. Smith is famous for his love of cycling, as well as another bike crash that, at the age of 17, changed the direction of his life and led him into fashion.

The builder of this Mercian frame chose to use brass, at least for the bottom bracket shell. After taking measurements and determining the rear.

Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Quick links. Frame identity General cycling advice NOT technical! I bought the frame from the Gloucester bike project on e. A photo would help a great deal. Mercian have records of their serial numbers, and generally their numbers have three digits plus another two designating the year. Mine is xxx86 meaning it’s a frame. They also have a separate single digit number – mine is 3 – and this tells you the person’s number who made the frame.

Who “No3” was in I don’t know, but I’d like to meet him. I have a Revel frame that I bought from a local newspaper ad. Apparently Revell was an in house brand of Freeway which eventually became Madison. I was told by various members that these frames were made by different makers including Dave Yates and Mercian. I sent both the frame number but neither recognised it.

However, Mercian suggested that I send them pictures, which I did.

Mercian Register

This is a photo register of Mercian bicycle frames built before , maintained by a member of the Veteran-Cycle Club, Christopher Barbour. The intent of the Register is to help owners of older frames to identify their models, and to add to the historical understanding of Mercian Cycles. Photos are used by permission. Submissions of pre Mercian frames are encouraged and received with gratitude. To submit photos, and for more information, please contact the keeper of the Mercian Register: christopher.

Mercian Cycles is one of the great marques of the golden age of British hand-built bicycles.

Not the fanciest color (Mercian frames often have interesting color schemes, for the dates on the parts of a bike to be a year earlier than the date on the frame.

Probably one sold through an agent to order as it has vertical dropouts only seen on one other frame built for Wilson. Not much doubt about the builder and with some provenance. The bonus was a chat to a guy with three others which I have to write up. If you are interested you can contact him by dropping the website a message and I will give you contact details.

Here are some photos to tempt your interest. January Thanks to those who have helped with advice and information and to owners who cherish their Major Nichols machines and take the trouble to contact us. Some dates for the diary. If you are looking for something more challenging you could try the classic friendly Ride Lichfield sportive on 23rd June same day as Walsall Roads year anniversary ride. Just places but free or for a donation. Details and booking can be found here.

I have finally got round to thinking again about this website and the need to keep it active. The years worries have begun to recede a little and God willing will be diminishing further next spring.

Second-hand Mercian Bicycle for sale on UK’s largest auction and classifieds sites

The Kings of Mercia is Mercian’s top of the line model, built with Reynolds lugged steel. This one is a touring model, complete with fender eyelets and rear rack eyelets. The lugs are outlined in white. Complete with it’s original fork and a Tange headset, as well as Campagnolo dropouts and fork ends. Overall, it’s a lovely high end English touring bicycle frame.

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Side of head lugs and fork crown. Front of head lugs and head badge. Seat lug and top of seat stay. Unusual down tube transfer cascading. Fork crown identical to the model above. John Crump’s Mercian with long tangs added to the Nervex Professional lugs on the underside of top tube and down tube. He tells us the Mercian catalogue he owns does mention Super Bi-laminated on all lugs with 3″ extensions under all tubes.

A few notes on published sources and frame models will lend important background to Mercian history and point to lines of further enquiry. Of foremost interest to owners of older Mercians wishing to identify their machines is the fact that records for frames built before no longer exist; they are assumed to have been lost or discarded when Mercian moved shop in All sources agree that Mercian Cycles was founded in by Tom Crowther and Lou Barker, and that frame production started soon thereafter.

M was sold on 17 April – the oldest documented Mercian, its whereabouts unknown.

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