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Twilight Saga: The Real-life Partners

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1) Are you a f 1) Who’s your fave — Edward or Emmett? 2) Would you rather date a Vampire or a human? 7) Which Cullen would you date if you could?

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We wrote these cause we were bored. We had 5 minutes on each one and a random generator picked out each couple for us. When Bella tells Edward something surprising, their relationship and the whole Cullen family is turned upside down. Jason’s going through a tough time.

Better yet, two somebodies. Bella finds herself reticent to celebrate her brithday as a neophyte, but the Cullen Brothers and Jacob have a surprise that will make her change her opinion about celebrations. In a life without Bella Swan, the only boundary between two clans is Jacob Black–heir to the Alpha title even though he cannot take the form of a wolf. What sort of fate lies to this boy, whose heart is slowly being drawn to the least likely Pale One of all?

“Decorating the Tree”: Emmett Cullen Imagine

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Being in a relationship with Jasper Hale would include: ○ Before you get together He was so scared that he would hurt you so yeah he stayed away. imagine twilight twilight imagine emmett cullen caius volturi demetri volturi felix volturi Bella: I’m dating Edward. Originally posted by alicecullenstan.

Your nerves were definitely acting up, you wished you could contain them but that seemed impossible. You had done many things throughout the centuries, but you still got nervous. You were to start school with your coven, you had only just decided to join the school as you had basically become bored with all of your adoptive siblings constantly being away, leaving you in the house alone whilst your adoptive parents went to work.

You had joined the Cullen coven about six years ago, it was when you decided to move in with Emmett and Carlisle and Esme were more than happy to welcome you in — they treated you as their own, as legally you were now their adoptive daughter. Emmett pulled into the school car park, parking right next to the Cullen jeep. The two you got out of the car, as did your siblings.

Edward came and hugged you before Alice, Jasper and Rosalie followed suit. Each Cullen child went to their classes, lucky for you Emmett was in every single one of yours — you knew that Carlisle had something to do with it. Emmett chuckled next to you, obviously neither you nor your siblings actually had to try in any of the classes because all of you had learnt it over fifty times, meaning it was fully ingrained in your brain — basically, everything was easy as. Hello, we are Charlotte, Hannah and Aaron and we are posting a variety of Fandom related things.

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Gender identity and sexual orientation should be included in COVID-19 testing

Originally posted by imaginesfortwilight. Thank you :. Thanks so much for requesting! Jasper is truly one of my favorite characters, so I really loved writing this one!

The following is a list of characters in the Twilight novel series by Stephenie Meyer, comprising The Quileutes would not attack the Cullen family if they agreed not to attack any humans or trespass on Quileute land. wife and the adoptive mother of Edward, Emmett and Alice Cullen, as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale.

After serving an apprenticeship of six years with a doctor in Philadelphia, he went for two years to Edinburgh, where he attached himself chiefly to William Cullen. Cullen ‘s system was largely based on the new physiological doctrine of irritability, but is especially noticeable for the importance attached to nervous action. In Edinburgh the admirable teaching of Cullen had raised the medical faculty to a height of prosperity of which his successor, James Gregory , was not unworthy.

The burgh is under the jurisdiction of a provost and council, and unites with Macduff, Elgin, Cullen , Inverurie, Kintore and Peterhead in returning one member to parliament. There he had William Cullen bor his instructor in chemistry, and the relation between the two soon became that of professor and assistant rather than of master and pupil. In he succeeded Cullen as lecturer in chemistry at Glasgow, and was also appointed professor of anatomy, though that post he was glad to exchange for the chair of medicine.

In he succeeded Cullen in the chair of chemistry in Edinburgh, where he devoted practically all his time to the preparation of his lectures. From to William Hunter was his resident pupil, and at one time they proposed to enter into partnership. In Cullen took the degree of M.

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Originally posted by twilightsagadaily. You mostly make it for Renesmee and Jacob who loves fried chicken and potato salad. Sometimes Emmett will watch as you move around the kitchen and sample the food before realizing that venom and sweet potato pie do NOT mix. You tend to be a little too messy when you hunt so he helps wash the blood out of your hair and helps conditions it. Will also help twist it for you but you think he does it so he can play in the curling cream.

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Dating Edward Cullen would include: is pretty much the main source of conflict in your relationship); You and Emmett making fun of him for being dramatic.

Carlisle include when it comes to his mate? Thank you so much for requesting this, my entire heart melted because I just love Carlisle so much. Sorry it took so long, but thanks again and enjoy! You would barely feel his icy fingers, gently nudging where it hurt the most as not to cause any more pain; swift and tender with all of the adoration he has for you. He looks out for you but will never force anything upon you. He completely comprehends that. He will never take advantage of you or put you in danger like that.

Damn this gorgeous vampire and his impeccable morals! No harm is going to get within a country of you. You can feel the tightness of his hold, yet not to hurt you, but to protect you with everything that he has.

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Edward Cullen : It’s my job to protect you. From everyone, except my sister. Emmett Cullen : Dating an older woman? Edward Cullen : [scoffs]. Emmett Cullen : What? Edward Cullen : Just give me five years and I’ll change you.

Or, should you opt for a name that’s more modern and unique? Emmett; Harrison; Nathaniel; Kingston; Cole; Tyler; Bennett; Bentley; Ryker Zain; Callan​; Cullen; Sincere; Uriah; Dillon; Kannon; Colby; Axton; Cassius Other trending names for baby boys include Kairo, Watson, Kenzo, Jaxtyn and Kylo.

Originally posted by jimdear. The male to your left first sprung towards before the female on your right did. Stopping the incoming attack to your left, you threw your leg up and knocked back the vampire to the other side of the field as you caught the female with your right hand by the neck. Without a second thought you euthanized the female. You searched around for any other newborns coming to attack you but was sidetracked when you saw your shifter boyfriend taking another vampire down.

Distracted, the vampire leaped from the bushes onto your back tackling you to the ground. In a flurry of motions and flailing arms, you end up on your back with the newborn above you.

The Cullen Family

The passionate love triangle between Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black was enough to make everyone feel totally attached to the group of main characters and all of the things that they had to go through together. Kristen Stewart is the actress who played the role of Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson is the actor who played the role of Edward Cullen, and Taylor Lautner is the actor who played the role of Jacob Black. They brought an incredible story to life for the world to see and fans as a whole are still greatly appreciative of it!

Although fans are mostly happy with the way the Twilight movies turned out, there are still a few changes that fans wished for and hoped for while the movies were still being created.

from who she’s dating to saying she “basically cast” Robert Pattinson as Edward. Lautner packed on 30 pounds of muscle so he could keep the role, and Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz): The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Author’s Note: I have this listed as a threesome because there will eventually be three people in this relationship; it will not necessarily be sexual between all partners. This will make sense soon enough I hope. The only graphic sex will be between Harry Potter and Emmett Cullen; Rosalie may watch, but don’t count on it. All thoughts will be in italics, and people talking to Edward mentally will be in bold italics.

My name is Rosalie Hale and I am a Vampire. I know, I know; I sound like it’s my first night at a 12 Step meeting. Trust me, if there were Vampires Anonymous meetings and I could just kick the habit and become human again I would. It doesn’t work that way. I have heard us described many ways; Demons, Gods, animals. It used to bother me, but I don’t let it anymore.

She is not one of us.!- Emmett Cullen Scene